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Rewards With Purpose

Eco Rewards will be a mix of cashback & impact, combining traditional credit card rewards with a very meaningful addition = donating a percentage of rewards to environmental nonprofits. It is estimated to generate $700 million in funding for the environment per year, becoming the world's largest environmental charity.

Wildlife Revival

Habitat Restoration

Renewable Energy


Restoring wildlife to their natural habitat & decreasing their threat of extinction, ensuring a biodiverse future

Protecting and restoring areas that have suffered from deforestation & the effects of climate change

Actively creating cleaner air by investing in renewable/ sustainable infrastructure to limit fossil fuel emissions

Conserving the world's largest bodies of water by supporting ocean conservation and coral reef restoration

Eco Rewards Card

A Greener Way To Pay

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Eco Rewards Launch:


Eco Rewards© | SEAL Impact Team 2020

SEAL Awards is an environmental advocacy group engaged in a non-commercial impact campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to encourage a large financial institution to execute on the Eco Rewards card concept, thereby providing additional funding for environmental causes and charities. The Eco Rewards card concept presented herein is only a concept. Completing this sign-up form allows SEAL to better convince a financial institution to create an actual Eco Rewards card; your sign-up information will be communicated to financial institutions as part of their business evaluation of the Eco Rewards concept.